Decor tips for a modern wall

In old times, expensive ornaments and paintings were used to decorate the walls. But today the concept has been changed. Creativity is preferred over money. Hence now you can decorate your wall in accordance to your style and use things or decorations that you love.

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  • Have you ever thought that how a teaspoon could be helpful for you apart from eating your food? Most of you have a large collection of steel teaspoons in your kitchen placed in a drawer. Get them out of it and hang on a shelf attached to the wall. A collection of these spoons hangings will give your kitchen a modernized and unique look.
  • Make several magnetic boards which can be used for various things e.g. makeup stuff. Have your eye shades and blush on pallets get attracted to the board. This will not only serve you as a storage place for your makeover items but also an appealing decoration of your bedroom.
  • Wooden made giant letters are way too attractive. The letters should remind you of something important in your life or can be initials. When beautifully carved giant letters are hanged or put down on a shelf, they look more stylish than your expectations. Also you can use wooden rounds and place them together on a wall. It will give a striking look.
  • You can buy silk letters or make them yourself. Then put them in a romantic letter ornament. It will give an alluring look to your wall.