How to Choose the Best Littmann Stethoscope

Stethoscopes are the identity of doctors and serve as their companion. Good and stylish Littmann stethoscopes with impressive features are present in the market.
Choosing a suitable stethoscope out of them can be a great ordeal.

Let’s look at the important factors to keep in mind while choosing a Littmann stethoscope:

1.It should be high acoustic sensitivity to detect the heart beats of wide range frequencies.

  1. It must not be heavy to carry at all. This can burden the doctor.
  2. A good stethoscope is multipurpose and is able to detect body sounds from different parts of body apart from heart, which include lungs.
  3. The tubing of stethoscope should not collapse and should rather maintain its shape.
  4. Try to choose a stethoscope which is resistant to alcohol and is durable.
    6. Some stethoscopes come with extra pair of ear tips in case of emergency. Try to get a stethoscope like this.
  5. Prefer getting a stethoscope which is inside latex-free packaging.
  6. It should be easier to clean and should have a good appearance. Try getting it in a matte color which doesn’t get dirty easily.
  7. The ear tips of stethoscope should fit the ears easily and should have a strong grip.
  8. Lastly, the price of stethoscope should be budget friendly.

    These factors will surely help you buy a right stethoscope to fit to your needs and requirements. A good stethoscope is what all doctors need!