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Let’s go on a hike!

Hiking is a very practical and productive way of spending time. Also, it is a continuous learning process. It teaches you to do something beyond your limits and educate you with the lessons of patience and strength.

But what should you take with you on a hike?

Here is the list:

1) Navigation Essentials: Do NOT forget your compass or map. If you get lost, only they will rescue you!

2) Sun Protection Essentials: Keep sunblock and sunglasses with you.Sun rays can be damaging. Do not take the risk.

3)Pack Some Extra Shirts: You can face an injury or a snake bite. Always keep an extra shirt with you in case you necessarily need to change.

4) A headlamp: When the sun sets, how are you going to see where you are heading? Always keep a light with you. You will need it.

5) Some Medicines: Make a little first aid box having some painkillers and dry bandages. You will need it if you fall or receive an animal attack.

6) Match Box: You may need it to ignite some fire in case the weather is cold, and you want to keep your finger joints moving.